HBO ‘Girls’ Season 3 Episode 4 is a Good One

I know the season is four episodes in and I have yet to write a single review but let’s face it, no one is really keeping tabs!

Last nights episode was finally something that felt like an episode from season 1. I know shows have to move forward and with that movement comes shifts in beats, but season three until this point has not really felt like GIRLS! I think the season started in a very dark space regardless of the chuckles we had during some of the scenes and even though the subject matter of this episode is the most somber of them all (death) it still got to feel very light and had that magic I think fans like about the show. I understand that Judd Apatow and Lena Dunham actually co-wrote this one and my response is “Write all of them together because this was great!”


I am not sure what is wrong with Soshanna in this season but there is something about her that feels like she is trying to be the Shoshanna from the past but it doesn’t feel as organic as it once was. I think this has something to do with the fact that Sosh in those past moments was still this very naive girl without any real experiences. I think her whole roller-coaster with Ray has changed her and that of course is evident now that she has become very sexually casual.  I think it is difficult to see this girl as the one she once was and for her continue to grow while keeping the essence of how the character was introduced.



Aside from Hannah being hilarious there was a certain moment in this episode that I really enjoyed. After Jessa finds out that the friend she thought was dead was actually very much alive, she storms out of her brownstone and we see her walking down the street reflecting and ultimately put a smile on her face. The clip ends there and doesn’t give the viewer any clue about what made her smile or what to think (which I love). I think the smile was an expression of realization that the character has seen now, first hand, that there is redemption. You can, in a WAY, rise from the dead, return from your mistakes, and make a life that is happy.

I am happy the show this year has a 12 episode pick up so we still have 8 to look forward to before yet another long year of waiting. I have to admit I miss Charlie! I think he and Marnie were always destined to break up but I would have liked to have seen that conclusion. Without that closure I can’t help but feel something is missing. Hopefully Elijah comes back soon!